The Day of the Dead in Spanish is “Día de Muertos“. This holiday is celebrated mostly in the Central and South regions of Mexico. Mainly the holiday focus on gathering to pray and remember friends or family members who have died.

This holiday begins on October 31 and ends in November 2. As part of the celebration, family and friends creates altars to remember the dead. This altars in Spanish are called “Ofrendas”. It includes traditional dishes as “Pan de Muerto” among other things. These altars include foods and things that the dead liked when they were alive. The idea is that this food is for all the dead had being through to get to the altar from the other side. It is believed that the dead eats all the nutrients of the food and it has to be thrown away.

Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacán in central Mexico. We were able to get a lovely room in the Hotel Boutique Casa Madero.  This is a beautiful hotel near the Morelia Aqueduct.

In November 1, 2018, we had a tour with Kúperani that took us to Tzurumutaro, Tzintzuntzan, Cucuchucho, Pacanda island and dinner in the Ucaz dock. Even though all these pantheons have a lot in common, at the same time they have a very peculiar and distinctive way to receive the day. This is a very long and exhausting tour.  Be mentally prepared to walk in tight places with mud and a lot of people around you.  If you are an adventurous person like me, you will like it.

Here is a summary of the pantheons that we visit that night. My personal best was Tzintzuntzan. 

Hope you like them…

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