Last Saturday I was able to be at sunrise in what is called “El Sofá Blanco” in Utuado.  It’s a white canyon that have the beautiful mountain as a background that resembles a Taíno Cemí.  It was my first time in this beautiful landscape.  I promise that definite there are going to be more trips to this spot.

It was a beautiful chilly sunrise.  There is a big shadow that the left flora gives the river.  It is like a giant soft box.  The water constantly flows through the canyon towards the mountain.  The sound is so relaxing that I almost forget everything that has happened through this 2020 year.  Pretty sure there are going to come best times ahead.

After taken sever shots of the canyon and the river, I was able to fly my Magic Pro 2 drone.  After seeing the footage, it confirms me more how awesome this place is.  Hope you enjoy the video of my drone footage.  Music and Editing by PescaoMedia.

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