September 19, 2017, we were getting ready for the worst Hurricane that my Puerto Rico had ever seen. Its name was María. While I was putting up the shutters my wife asked me why was I so anxious if nothing was going to happen to us because we were very well prepared. I said the Hurricane wasn’t what worried me but what would come next. All of us that had lived through hurricanes like Hugo and Georges already knew the implications of getting hit by this monster called María. After all preparations were done, we took a nice hot shower, knowing it would be our last for a very long time.

September 20, 2017 came, and our lives changed. All the electrical infrastructure collapsed and so did all communications. In brief, everything fell. Over the weeks we can see how nature has been healing itself and you can already appreciate the green in the mountains. It is in our hands to recover from this debacle and stand up to keep fighting.

Here’s a small minimalist black and white gallery from the days close to María precio kamagra.

Hope you enjoy…

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