I met her on the internet in 1999. I knew I had finally found my soul mate. Five years later, we got married and had the greatest honeymoon anyone could ever ask for, Madrid and Paris. Everything went perfect, until December 2, 2005, we were diagnosed with breast cancer. We simply couldn’t believe this was happening.

I could only think about dedicating myself to do everything possible in other to help her. I spent day and night with her, a lumpectomy, four quimotherapies, a mastectomy, one quimotherapy, twenty eight radiotherapies, a hysterectomy…and many nights of pain.

As time went by, I realized the true reasons behind many things. It was clear to me, God wanted me to meet her and get to know my wife so I could take care of her and love her all through the good times and the bad times. He made sure I got in her path of life to help and carry her throughout this difficult disease. At the same time, it is this experience that has made our relationship stronger than anyone could ever imagine.

This art signifies how I have taken in my arms my beautiful wife and how at the same time she is happy about it. I say beautiful wife because even if she lost one breast, she is the most gorgeous, courageous and intelligent woman I have ever met.

I Love You…

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