Good We are More (Los Buenos Somos Más)

Good We are More (Los Buenos Somos Más)

I was going down a street in Old San Juan and there were dropping off a tourist at the Convento Hotel. This caused the traffic to stop for several minutes. Suddenly, I hear a horn that will not stop ringing, when I look it was a lady to whom with hand gestures I say “take it easy”. The first thing out of the mouth of this person is “GO FUCK YOURSELF”, I stare at her and she then says “WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH YOU?” All this time I’m reading her lips because she’s still in her car. I could not believe what was happening and I remembered I had the camera in my hands so I took a quick picture. This happened early in the morning in a long day of walking around Old San Juan. Halfway through the day I got to talk to a lady while we were eating one “limber” in front of The “Rogativa” statue, and when we said goodbye, she gave us thousands of blessings. A few hours later I walk into a store and a lady tasks me if I would like a paper towel because I was all sweaty. So I ask myself, do the negative actions of people are overshadowing the positive ones? I refuse to believe that the majority of Puerto Ricans are like the lady who could not wait for someone to drop off a tourist in less than five minutes. After a long day I realized that the only negative experience in the day out of hundreds of scenarios was the one I first explained. Here is the picture of the lady wishing me a good day.

Good We are More…

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