Light Painting in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Some time ago I read about light painting. I find it interesting but didn’t put much effort on it. I talked to a friend of mine to make me a cable with a battery in one side and some LED lights in the other. After some weeks harassing him, finally I got my cable. This idea was after seeing this blog by Fernando Baez about light orbs. Very cool stuff. This is the light cable that I used. The only thing you need to create a light painted picture is: some kind of light source, a camera tripod, camera, a pitch black environment and a lot of patience. With all of this in mind, I went to Culebra Island. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Literally is a piece of paradise. Because there isn’t a lot of light in the beach it was a perfect setup for my light painted pictures. This is the results of the equation of Beautiful Night + Beautiful Beach and Camera equipment. Hope you enjoy his pictures…

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