Flamenco Beach in Culebra

Flamenco Beach in Culebra is my favorite beach in Puerto Rico. As you can see you can do a lot of things. It has one of the whitest sands in the world. Also the water is as clear as it gets. If the day is very sunny you can see how the water blue color is awesome. I go this place at least once a year. Every time one of my favorite things is go snorkeling in the reef. Because the water is so clear you can see every detail of the reef. If you are into skim boarding or surfing there are parts of the year that the waves are good for it. One of the most spectacular features of this beach is the sky at night. You can see Orion’s Belt almost everyday. If you have the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico, my best advice is that at least go one-day. You will thanks me…

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